How I would design Twitter’s edit feature

Twitter edit feature

The Challenge

When I started using Twitter in 2019, I made a tweet and tried to edit it only to figure out it wasn’t possible and that really shocked me because most social platforms offer this feature: Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Medium, etc let you edit your posts. Personally always wanted an edit…

Revamping the experience for buyers and shoppers.

Project Duration: 10 Weeks.

Role: Deliverables such as User Stories, User Flow, Information Architecture, Wireframes(lo-fi &hifi) Visual Design, and a Clickable Prototype.

Outcome: UX and UI design of an MVP, Interactive Prototype.

Tools Used:

Product Overview

A platform that connects individuals with shoppers that helps them…

Product design

Improving the user experience of a sports app that connects Sports fans all over the world


5 Weeks


User Research

UX & UI Design

Style guide & UI components

Interactive prototype

Tools Used:


SportsYapp Mobile is an app built to provide a personalized sports experience curated exclusively for sports fans while creating a game-like atmosphere that keeps the user not only…

With send and request funds as core functionalities.

Imagine being able to send or request funds from your friends through your favourite social media platforms like instagram, messenger, whatsapp, telegram etc. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea right? These days people have their businesses on social media and businesses…


The term Ux was coined by Don Norman. In his own words: “I invented the term because i thought human interface and usability were too narrow.

User Experience Design refers to the application of user centered design practices, and use of certain methods and techniques applied through process management…

Atasie Esther

Product designer

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